Internal Floating Roof Tank

Internal floating roof tank design structure

Internal floating roof tank is a kind of environmental protection and economy storage tank, in which equipped with a floating roof, floating up and down with the increase or decrease of the stored liquid, generally, floating roofs are made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel.

internal floating roof tank

The top of internal floating roof tank is a combination of dome roof and floating roof, the exterior is a dome roof, and the interior is a floating roof. Under the case of same seal condition, internal floating roof can reduce the evaporation loss of oil product. While, the external dome roof can effectively prevent wind, sand, rain and snow or dust entering the storage tank from the annular space, absolutely guarantying the quality of oil product stored in the internal floating roof tank. Because of the advantages of both floating roof tank and dome roof tank, internal floating roof tanks are mainly used for the storage of aviation kerosene, gasoline and other light oil with high storage requirements.  

internal floating roof tank structure

Internal floating roof tank advantages

  • Have obvious environmental protection and economy benefits. Under certain climate environment, according to the historic data, adopting the internal floating roof three to six months can reduce the volatilization of oil and gas, from which the economic value created equals to the installation and purchase cost of internal floating roof, which is the cost of internal floating roof can be recovered within half a year.
  • Internal floating roof floats on the liquid surface, so that the liquid has no evaporation space, reducing the evaporation loss to 85%~90%.
  • The air and stored liquid are separated by floating deck, reducing air pollution as well as the risk of fire and explosion. Generally, it is impossible to cause large area of burning because of fire.
  • As there is no air space on the liquid surface, reducing the shock caused by transportation, prevent the stored liquid hitting the inner wall of storage tank or increasing the inner pressure, reduce the corrosion of storage tank roof and wall, prolong the service life of storage tank.
  • Reduce the air pollution, easy to ensure the quality of liquid stored in the storage tank. Internal floating roof tank is especially suitable for the storage of high-rest gasoline, jet fuel, toxic petroleum and chemical products.

Disadvantage of internal floating roof tank

Internal floating roof tank also has its own disadvantages, it is generally only suitable for the storage of liquid (edible oil, petroleum oil, chemical reagent, volatile liquid, etc.), as for liquid – solid mixture, internal floating roof tank is not an ideal storage tank.

Internal floating roof tank design specifications

Working Pressure Atmospheric storage tank
Working Temperature 30℃~150℃
Liquid Medium

Naphtha, fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene, crude oil, heavy crude oil,
benzene, xylene, methanol, ethanol

Capacity ≥ 100m³
Standards GB50341, GB50128, API650