Lime Silo

Lime silo introduction

In lime storage industry, lime silo is one of the most familiar used methods to store lime. Double-sided galvanized coils, pattern plates, channel steels, and steel sections are all can be the materials of the lime silo construction. Our engineers can design and build lime silos of various specifications, capacities and volumes ranges from 1000tons to 50,000tons to meet different requirements of the customers.
lime storage silos

We adopts advanced and unique silo construction technology from Germany. During construction, the 495 mm wide coil is fed into the bending machine by an unwinder. By bending, stitching, and rolling into a desired geometry by a molding machine, a spiral rib of 30-40 mm wide is formed laterally around the silo, and the silo structure is reinforced by a spiral rib. For two different materials, silo construction equipment can also achieve double bending.

Lime silo mainly contains powder storehouse body, a discharging pipe and a silo top platforms, escalators, dust removal system, pressure and vacuum release valve, material position indicator, flow system, weighing feeder.

Why choose our lime silo?

  • Low investment: our professional experts will design the most economical project according to customers’ requirements. The advanced spiral folding technology also made our silos less expensive.
  • High construction efficiency: we have experienced construction team and advanced equipment, which can ensure the high efficient construction of lime silo. 
  • High strength: the design and structure of our limestone silos could minimize the effect of earthquake, guarantee the safety of the silo.
  • Great air-tight and anti-corrosion: high quality galvanized steel and the double-seaming technology gave our lime silos outstanding anti-corrosion ability and air-tightness.
  • Besides, our lime silo also has advantages of high accuracy, high automation, waterproof, easy maintenance and wonderful after-sales service. 
lime silo
lime storage silo

What are the characteristics of lime silo construction?

  • The spiral steel silo is operated on site and the top of the silo is installed on the ground.
  • No need for auxiliary facilities such as scaffolding.
  • The fly-ash steel silo is also a spiral design without any nails or screws. The edges of the steel plate are all stitched by the seaming machine. It brings great convenience to the construction process and saves manpower.
  • The silo construction equipment is formed and the bending speed can reach 3-5 m/min, which greatly shortens the construction period.
  • We only need one truck to transport silo construction equipment, so the transportation cost is very low.
  • The spiral silo is made of galvanized steel sheet, which is only equivalent to the weight of the cement silo, and the construction cost is much lower.

Operational precautions for lime silos

  • Lime should pay attention to fire prevention and explosion protection during storage and transportation. Since quicklime will rapidly mature under the action of water to release a large amount of heat, care should be taken to prevent burnout or fire.
  • Quicklime should not be stored with flammable, explosive or liquid materials to avoid fire and explosion.
  • Avoid contact with acid content, the shorter the operation time, the better.
  • Pay attention to respiratory protection during work, wear dust-proof fiber overalls, gloves, closed dust-proof glasses, and apply grease containing grease to prevent dust from entering.
  • Prohibit eating. Once in, rinse immediately with water and seek treatment (remember to not drink).

About Lime


Lime is a rigid inorganic cementitious material whose main component is calcium oxide. It is a product of high calcium carbonate content such as limestone, dolomite, chalk, shell, etc., and then calcined at 900 ~ 1100 °C. Lime is most afraid of water, followed by carbon dioxide, otherwise it will change its properties.

Lime is widely used in steelmaking, air pollution control, wastewater treatment, acid neutralization, and construction engineering. Lime has a good seal and can be stored in the silo for a long time.