Crude Oil Storage Tanks

crude oil tank

A crude oil storage tank is a container for storing crude oil or other petroleum products, usually can be found in refineries, oil fields, oil depots, and other industries.

Custom Crude oil storage tanks design for Various of Types

At present, 100,000 m³ crude oil storage tanks are the main container to storage crude oil all over the world. Storage tanks should not be built on the foundation with different hardness, or within the impact range of active geological fault zone. For some crude oil storage tanks with high wax content, the seal gland should be designed with a variety of foundations including rainproof, wax scraping, secondary seal, etc. The bottom of crude oil tank is always deposited with a certain thickness of salt water, when storing heavy, high sulfur content and acid value oil, anti-corrosion requirements higher. For large oil storage tank with huge reserves and severe corrosion, the importance of design and set anti-corrosion system is self-evident.

Main design parameters of 100,000 m³ crude oil storage tanks

volume 100,000 m³ internal diameter 80,000mm
Tank wall height 21,800mm medium Crude oil
maximum liquid level 19,500mm liquid density 890kg/ m³
maximum rainfall in 24 hours 176.3mm maximum rainfall in 1 hours 81mm
Fundamental wind pressure 599Pa reference snow pressure 350Pa
Operating pressure atmospheric Design Pressure atmospheric
Operating Temperature 50℃ Design Temperature 60℃
Seismic intensity Degree 7 Grouping of design earthquake first group
Tank wall corrosion allowance 1mm Tank bottom corrosion allowance 2mm

The following drawing is a 400 BBL vertical crude oil storage tank designed for our customer.


Choose Your Suitable crude oil storage tanks Types

In general, crude oil storage tank has two kinds, fixed roof tank and floating roof tank. Fixed roof tank is usually used when the quantity of crude oil is not too large. While, floating roof tank is the optimum selection for storing larger quantities of crude oil. If you have a need of crude oil storage tanks, please feel free to contact us, then our engineers will come up with a detailed storage solution for your particular conditions.

Crude oil storage tank sizes

At present, the development trend of crude oil storage tanks scale is larger and larger. The largest crude oil tank in the world is 250,000 m³, 100,000 m³ crude oil storage tanks have been common and they will be the main size now or in the future. We can fabricate crude oil storage tanks with capacity larger than 1,000m³. Custom accessories and options are also available.

ALL of crude oil storage tanks  standards can be Meeted

In the construction of crude oil storage tank, the most common standard in the world is API650, other standards have GB50341, BS2654, JIS B8501, etc.

Oil tank Standard Equitation

American Standards Japan Standards EU standards China Standards
API650 JIS B8501 BS2654 GB50341