Storage Tank

Serving our customers in various of industries, from petroleum oil refining to waste water treatment, TICO can design and manufacture welded steel storage tank and spiral folding silo to meet all of your needs. Our welded steel storage tanks range in sizes more than 30,000 gallons and are available throughout the world. TICO welded steel storage tank can be designed to meet various of standards for different countries and regions, including GB、API 650、API 620、BS、JIS, etc. Welded steel storage tank accessories like breather valves, relief valve, manway, spiral stairs and so on are also can be designed and fabricated in our manufactory facility and then shipped to the construction site to install.

When working with our customers for their custom welded steel storage tank, we will firstly design more than one storage solutions, which are all based on the requirements of our customers, for our customers to choose from, combined with the user's actual application environment and our professional considerations, an optimal solution will be determined eventually. Our welded steel tank team has multiple welded steel storage tank design, manufacture and installation experiences, which are all accumulated from years of experiences in welded steel storage tank service. TICO will work with you to ensure that each  of welded steel storage tank you purchase is compatible for the products you wish to store!