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How to choose the support of carbon steel storage tank?

Carbon steel storage tank supports

The carbon steel storage tank supports has three kinds of saddles, ring seats and legs to support the weight of the container. The saddle support is a widely used horizontal support. From the stress analysis, the beam bearing the same load and having several shapes and dimensions of the same section is better than the two supports, because the stress generated by the multi-bearing in the crucible is small. Therefore, in theory, the greater the number of supports for horizontal containers, the better.

However, in fact, the horizontal container should be designed as a double support as much as possible. This is because when the number of fulcrums is more than two, the influence of each support plane such as the curvature of the container and the partial roundness and the level of the support are The unevenness of the sinking of each base and the relative rigidity of the different parts of the container against partial cross-section will affect the market of the reaction force of the support. Therefore, the choice of multi-seat not only does not show the theoretical superiority, but will result in the addition of uneven force on the container, which will affect the operation safety of carbon steel storage tanks. Therefore, a horizontal container holder should not be more than two. The ring seat is generally thin walled for large diameters.

stockage tank support

The leg support is referred to as the leg. Because the support forms a serious partial stress at the joint with the container wall, it is only suitable for small equipment (DN1600, L≤5m). In summary, consider the selection of two saddle supports as the support for the tank.

What should I pay attention to when placing carbon steel storage tanks?

The place where the carbon steel storage tank is placed shall have a good drainage ditch and dilution equipment. If the tank liquid level cannot be manipulated, the overflow port shall be installed on the storage tank to prevent the liquid from overflowing and forming damage. When the tank is in operation and the discharge flow is large, the vent hole of the corresponding flow should be installed. When changing the liquid, you should know whether the carbon steel storage tanks are allowed to accept the liquids. You can check the company website or contact the company's technical department.

In the lower part of the carbon steel storage tank, if the pipe with flange or flange is connected to the wall of the barrel, use soft joint to avoid the uneven expansion of the upper and lower walls of the barrel after the filling of the liquid, resulting in leakage of the joint and damage to the joint and barrel. body. When the inlet port is higher from the bottom of the tank, the inlet port should be bent toward the wall of the anti-corrosion tank to allow the incoming liquid to fall down the tank wall, reducing the impact on the bottom.

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