Spiral Steel Silo

Steel silo is a storage instrument which is made of steel plate by the technology of spiraling, welding, and combination of the both. Generally, steel silo is used to store powder or granular materials such as cement, coal ash, superfine slag powder, clinker, grain etc. Until 2013, steel silo is successfully used to store liquid like sulfuric acid.
Our company specializes in designing, manufacturing and exporting high quality steel silos. We are one of the best and biggest China steel silo manufacturers. Our steel silo is favored by the customers due to the corrosion resistance, stable structure, good air tightness, long use life, low cost, short construction period and good air tightness etc. We offer various models of spiral steel silo according to customers’ requirements. Our steel silo is widely used in cement, feed processing, grain, rice, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and many other fields.