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Issues should Know about Oil Storage Tank Cleaning Standard

Why the Oil Tank Need Regular Cleaning?

In order to guarantee the quality of oil product, regularly check the tank bottom condition and cleaning oil storage container is necessary. The longer oil storage time, the more sediments produced by oxidation, the more serious impact on oil quality. Therefore, bottom of oil tank must be periodically checked to determine the need for cleaning.

Comprehensively inspect the internal corrosion of oil tank, regularly respect the oil tank to prolong the service life of oil tank. Avoid impurities, moisture, grease and rust fiber, black oil etc, during the loading and unloading of storage barrels, tanks, tank truck, tanker and container. Long-term accumulation will effect of oil quality, which will cause direct losses.

oil tank cleaning standard

How Long is the Tank Cleaning Cycle?

In normal conditions, cleaning cycle required by a variety of oil tank is: light oil and lubricating oil tank cleaning once a year, heavy diesel tank cleaning for two years.

How to Identify the Quality of Oil?

  • Test the oil quality through regular inspection agency.
  • The most intuitive way: See color, smell taste, density, test results.

How much Oil are there in Oiling Machine? How much Error is Allowed?

Go to the regular enterprise gas station to refuel, there are anti cheating function on each program of computer and motherboard, it will automatically lock dead, once debugging traffic.
view the green table on the tanker. This label is the City Quality Supervision Bureau metrological verification logo, printed with valid date. If you go to refuel, the effective date that has expired, then the measurement of the machine can not be ensured.

In accordance with the national standard, the error tanker is +-3%, but the technical supervision bureau is to meter tanker calibration in -3%. The reason is that after a period of time the meter will wear large flow (if tanker filter IS plugged, the flow will become smaller). It will usually use 5 less fuel per thousand!( Theoretical data is for reference only.)

Measures and Precautions to Prevent all Kinds of Oil be Mixed or Polluted

oil tank cleaning

In order to prevent various of oil from being mixed or polluted during the process of loading, unloading, storage and transportation , the pipeline and oil pump is required to be used separately according to different properties of oil product. Do not mix oil with different properties, if it must be mixed, clean the residual oil in the pipeline, pumping residual oil with vacuum pump in the lowest position of pipeline, or clean with filtered compressed air, even use the inset gas or stream to clean and put into use after checking the pipeline is clean.

Why medium need replacement cleaning?

To prevent mixing oil or container pollution deterioration, the different nature of oil should be not mix, otherwise the quality of the oil will decline, even cause deterioration of oil. In particular, a variety of high-grade lubricants, containing a variety of special additives, when the oil mixed with different additives, will affect its performance, and even make precipitation and metamorphism of additives.

  • Mixed with light oil in lubricating oil, will reduce the flash point and viscosity;
  • Food machinery grease mixed with other grease, will cause food pollution;
  • The solvent can prevent various kinds of oil from being mixed or polluted. Oil mixed with gasoline will make the distillation unqualified and increase toxicity.
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