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Steel Plate Processing Services for Our UK client’s Five Tank Tender

customer visit
The QA/QC manager takes photos with customers in the processing factory.

In February  2016, our customer ordered 800 tons steel plates with much competitive price from us for their 5-tank tender. Negotiations began in December 2015, during the more than two months negotiations, the engineers and sales managers of two parts have discussed in detail on steel plate cutting, rolling, painting, manhole, staircases, handrail, etc. The processing mill began to fabricate one by one well organized after all details coming to terms.

In March, accompanied by our project manager Jerry, the UK client visited our processing mill. At site, as a professional QA/QC manager, he inspected the purchased steel plate, viewed the whole manufacturing process of steel plate cutting and steel plate rolling with great interests. Fortunately, he gave us many professional processing suggests such as how to reinforce the bracket used for transportation rolled steel plate and emphasized the importance of end beveling. After his suggests, we process the end beveling more strictly as per the drawing.  

After his careful inspection, all the processed steel plates and custom steel structures like angles, channels, beams, tees, pipe, flange and rails are applied to 5 tanks construction in their project site. They are satisfied with our processing capacity and processing technology and decided to cooperate with us in next tank fabrication. It is our strict requirements on the details and techniques that enable us to get so much trust from our customers.

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